What our customers say

“Markado takes a lot of thinking, searching and organizing off our shoulders”

Quick action

Working with Markado is very pleasant indeed. Our contact person is very empathic and therefore knows exactly what we need and what our customers like. Things are dealt with extremely fast. Markado takes a lot of thinking, searching and organizing off our shoulders!

Hello Fresh – Amsterdam

Very satisfied

Keywords to describe Markado: flexible, reliable, efficient and enthusiastic. Markado knows our specific needs and target groups. Nefit/Bosch is very satisfied with how we have been working together for many years now!

Nefit – Deventer

Always surprising ideas

We have been working very pleasantly with Markado for quite some time. Their approach is personal and they are always quick to come up with a good and attractive proposal. The ideas are always excellent, so there is no need for us to search the internet for products that suit us. Markado never fails to surprise us with great articles at a competitive price. That is why they are the ideal party for us when it comes to business gifts.

Biotronik Nederland BV – Nijmegen

Value for money

I have been working with Markado for many years. Markado supplied business gifts to my various employers, such as Gazelle and Bosch. To me Markado is an excellent partner, very empathic and definitely not one to offer stuff from standard catalogues. Markado is really good at translating the essence of a brand or a relationship into a fitting business gift that contributes to the objectives. And of course Markado is also very well equipped to supply standard articles. Finally, Markado has a keen eye for delivering value for money.

Nijha BV – Lochem

A deal is a deal

I’m very happy with Markado. We have a very pleasant working relationship and they stick to their word at all times. They always contribute ideas and offer fair prices. For us as a foundation dedicated to a good cause, that is really important. It is great to have one single point of contact who understands what we need and to whom we can go with all our requests. And that’s what we have been doing for more than 15 years.

Hartstichting – Den Haag

With passion and a focus on customers’ interests

Markado comes up with really good ideas and guarantees quality. They know what they’re talking about. I have been doing business with them for a very long time and any problem, if there ever is one, is solved fast and effectively. You can see they work with passion and a focus on their customers’ interests.

Goldwell – Amersfoort

Proactive and flexible

We have been doing business with Markado for a very long time. They are quick, proactive, flexible and always try to find a creative solution that meets our needs. Furthermore, they are very reliable when it comes to delivery times and they live up to their promises. In short, working with them is a real pleasure!

Ziegler Nederland BV – Rotterdam

One single point of contact

Markado surprises, contributes ideas and can deliver something suitable even under very tight deadlines. The fact that one single point of contact deals with everything that needs to be done quickly and efficiently is a real time saver for us as a business. We know that every order – from the beginning right up to the end – is being taken care of effectively and with a personal touch. Saint

Gobain Weber Beamix B.V. – Eindhoven


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